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Certifications and Areas of Study

The Organized Child (Lori Martin)

Health Information Organizing (Sue Montgomery)

Connecting via Technology (Gina Schreck)

Organizer Coach (Denslow Brown)

Project Management (Catherine Matosky)

Contagious Leadership (Monica Wofford)

Managing Email (Harold Taylor Time Institute)

Conquering Paper Clutter (Christa Wagner & Angela Ploetz)

ABC's of Residential Organizing (Janice Russell)

Helping Your Clients Manage the Paper Crisis (Christa Wagner & Angela Ploetz)

How to Effectively Transfer the Skills of Organizing (K.J. McCorry)

Procedure/Operation Manual Writing (Debbie Gilster)

The De-Acquisition of Stuff (Judith Kolberg)

Residential Information Management (Janice Russell)

Visionaries for Change (Peter Walsh)

Change is Good (Karen McCullough)

The Business of Professional Organizing (Kathy Beauchamp)

Colorworks® system for Students Certified (Deborah Carney)